The term littoralis effectively means “of the edge” and has particular relevance for the coastal margin. Our practice is fascinated with places that are on the edge between natural systems, water bodies, cultures, land uses or climatic differences. It is often on at these edges that the most interesting things happen in the landscape.

The Northland region of New Zealand is especially abundant in such edges and it is in this area that much of our work is focused. From its base in Whangarei in the northern part of New Zealand, Littoralis Landscape Architecture (LLA) undertakes a wide spectrum of projects, from detailed site-specific designs, through structure planning to district-wide landscape assessments. Our team of 4 landscape architects provides services to local bodies, central government agencies and private sector clients. Our background though, includes a range of experience from much further afield and we do travel widely from our Whangarei base.

Recognising what is distinctive and often special about place is a key foundation for the majority of our work. That approach brings benefit at many levels, including optimising the commercial value of projects.

We are enthusiastic about collaboration, including working closely with our clients, local communities and users, and fellow professional advisers. We are focused on enjoying our work and contributing to a legacy of sustaining and stimulating landscapes that speak of their place.